History of Send & Ripley

Although there have been finds of Neolithic tools such as flint scrapers and flint flakes in Tannery Lane, Send and elsewhere, and a prehistoric wooden paddle was found in a meadow in 1912, there is no evidence of Stone Age settlements as such in Send (LGB. Newsletter 3, page 2). However, the River Wey, which flows through the greater part of Send and Ripley and the adjoining parishes of Wisley, Old Woking and Pyrford, probably provided sites of habitation as well as a means of communication from earliest times.

Evidence of Roman occupation is restricted to a few mostly single coins found in fields and gardens.

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The Domesday Survey
Send was clearly well established by the latter part of the Anglo-Saxon period as it is referred to as 'Sendan' by 960 (Cartularium Saxonicum, Birch, Vol. 2, page 1063). It may be of Celtic origin (Surrey Place Names, Gavin Smith, pages 105 and 106. 2005.)

It was a thriving community when recorded in the Domesday Survey of 1086 following the Norman Conquest. Ripley is first mentioned during the reign of Richard 1 (1189-1199) and the area covered by Ripley may be assumed to be included with Send. The entry for Send as transcribed in the Phillimore edition of Domesday Book – Surrey, edited by John Morris is:

Land of Alfred of Marlborough

In Woking Hundred

  • Alfred holds Sande from the King, and Reginald from him.
  • Karl held it before 1066. Then and now it answered for 20 hides, land for 10 ploughs. In lordship 2 ploughs and 8 slaves.
  • 14 villagers and 10 smallholders with 6 ploughs. A mill, which pays 21s. 6d. A church. 5 fisheries, which pay 54d; meadow, 100 acres less 16; woodland at 160 pigs.
  • Of this land Walter holds 1 _ hides, and Herbert 9, of villagers' land. In lordship 2 ploughs, and 7 slaves; 1 villager and 16 smallholders.
  • A mill which pays 2s.
  • Total value before 1066 20; now; the lordship 10, the rest110s.


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