Test page


This is a test page showing how visitors will be able to search for information contained within the journals.

Click on this link to open a scanned searchable document of a specific journal (this will open the actual journal).


How to use. 


1. Once the document has opened, right click on mouse and select FIND from the dropdown menu.


2. A small search box will appear at the top right hand side of the screen.


3. Type in a keyword into the search box, (suggest 'Hudson') and click the right facing arrow.  This will take you to the exact position in the text where the word appears.


4. If you click the right arrow again, it will go to the next place this word appears. You can keep doing this until there are no more references (3 in this case).


Alternative way of searching


As an alternative, you can click on this link to open a scanned document which is a text only version of the same document (no photos, pictures, adverts etc).


Then search in the same way as above.


The purpose of the text only version is that we can take every single journal and make them into ONE searchable document which will make this a very powerful search tool.  It also allows flexibility as we can add to this document very easily each year by adding the latest documents and building them into the document. The individual journals will be scanned as individual files and each will be searchable.


The search box on the home page will find any reference to a keyword or text string, including the text file, the scanned journals or anywhere else in the website.




51522 Primary Networks - Sample


test scan from word to pdf